Buffer Tank

Liscarroll Engineering used industry leading technicians in Robotic Milking to implement mechanical and functional improvements over existing products available to create this NEW and IMPROVED Buffer Tank.

Standard Features

  • Diverter valve manifold pipe on the Buffer Tank is supplied for qty 3 delivery lines on all tanks as standard

  • Reliable industry leading milk pump

  • Compressed air regulator and Pressure Sensor included as standard to eliminate milk being dumped accidentally

  • 3 supply line programme installed as standard with all tanks in the PLC

  • Pneumatic valve manifold block (in control panel) supplied as standard for up to 3 delivery lines

  • 3 dosing pumps included as standard

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to install

  • Future proof allowing for further expansion

  • PLC displaying the current status and fault

  • Smart Layout for easy accessibility, maintenance, and troubleshooting


Milk Silos Drawing

Buffer Tank Drawing

Milk Silos Specifications

Tank Specifications

  • Improved and Adjustable liquid level
    controllers to accommodate different
    water characteristics with an updated
    probe design to reduce the likelihood
    of probes shorting out.

  • Pump overload monitoring to raise
    alarm if the milk pump is in fault and
    the fault is displayed.

  • Alarms can easily be linked into
    existing Autodialer if required.

  • Alarms displayed on PLC screen and
    status sent to Robot.


Liscarroll Buffer Tanks are designed to be reliable easy to use and service friendly.

All components used to regulate the cooling and washing functions are commercially available “off -the-shelf” parts if required readily available at affordable prices. Only reputable and well-known brands are used.


  • Separate electronic and wet compartments on one wall mounting stainless steel backing plate
  • Electrics and pneumatics in top panel.
  • Dosing pumps, water solenoids and CIP manifold in bottom panel
  • All devices contained within panel enclosures

You can download the brochure here


Here at Liscarroll Engineering, we are certified in Quality Management Systems in our designs and manufacturing of milk tanks and silos for the Irish and UK markets. You can see our certificate of registration here