Founded in 1973, Liscarroll Engineering is a wholly owned private family run company. Our offices and ultra-modern facilities are located in beautiful Liscarroll, mid-way between the cities of Cork and Limerick. Our location is right in the heart of the Irish Dairy Industry.

Specialisation in the production of top quality Stainless Steel products, excellence in design and aftercare service has seen Liscarroll Engineering grow to become a leading manufacturer of Milk Cooling Tanks for the Irish and UK markets.

And we don’t stop there – there’s a lot more to us than Milk Cooling equipment.

At Liscarroll Engineering we also manufacture a variety of other top quality Stainless Steel products across a broad spectrum of Industries. These include Process & Storage Tanks, Hoppers, Heat Exchangers and more recently Stainless Steel Spas and Pools for the Leisure Industry.

Milk Cooling

We manufacture a complete range of milk cooling systems for today’s modern dairy farms.

Ice Builders

Instant cooling using off peak power at a low current draw

Milk Silos

Outdoor storage facilities built to the same exacting standards as our milk tank range


Need bespoke fabrication in stainless steel? - We can help...