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Liscarroll Engineering manufactures a complete range of milk cooling systems for today’s modern dairy farms. All our products are made with simplicity of design in mind and a focus on putting you in control whilst at the same time ensuring that Milk is cooled with optimum efficiency and maximum reliability.

  • Tanks are designed to comply with or better international cooling standards including EN13732
  • Tanks for 2,4 or 6 Milkings
  • Direct Expansion and Ice Bank Systems
  • All Stainless Steel construction. AISI 304
  • Each milking is quickly cooled to the required temperature soon after milking is finished.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Milk is stored in a hygienic and homogenous condition
  • Standard sizes from 3,000 Litres to 30,000 Litres
  • Tanks can be adapted for robotic milking
  • Outdoor options available


Custom Options

If our standard tank won’t suit your existing dairy we can design one that will.

  • Controls can be mounted left or right
  • Bottom fill

Our Systems

Direct Expansion (DX)

Milk is cooled directly by circulating refrigerant through the laser welded evaporator plates of the milk tank. Direct Expansion cooling is the most widely used system of milk cooling worldwide. It is less expensive to buy and more economical to run than other systems. The standard Liscarroll milk tank has a compact elliptical shape which
adds to its efficiency.

Ice Bank (IB)

Milk is cooled indirectly by circulating chilled water through the laser welded evaporator plates of the milk tank.
Our IB tanks are available in the same sizes and options as for the DX tanks. These systems are generally used where:

  • The power supply on farm is inadequate
  • Off-peak electricity tariffs may offer economic benefits
  • There is no risk of freezing; very suitable for robotic milking

Instant Cooling Option

Milk can be cooled instantly to 4°C or less by circulating chilled water and mains/well water through a plate cooler before it enters the Milk Tank
Because we do both systems, unlike other companies we offer what you need not what we have.




Why choose Liscarroll?

  • Liscarroll Milk Tanks are designed to be reliable and easy to maintain.
  • All components used to control the cooling and washing functions are
    universally available “off-the-shelf”….parts always readily available
  • Cooling and Washing controlled separately
  • The alternative is customised all electronic controls available only from the Tank Manufacturer, systems which are constantly changing and become quickly outdated


  • Washing is controlled by a mini Programmable Logic Controller.
  • Standard Wash Programme (ECO WASH) consists of 5 cycles with Sanitiser in the final rinse (Peracetic Acid).
  • Separate Descale Wash (Alkaline + Acid)
    Pre-programmed to suit all tank sizes and variable on-farm conditions
  • Quick wash facility.

Wash Spray Device

  • All Stainless Steel device
  • Centrally located to reach all internal surfaces
  • Blockage proof
  • No wearing or moving parts
  • No maintenance required
  • Wash water intake totally independent of the Agitator Motor

Wash Pump

  • Standard SIREM Circulating Pump with built-in thermal overload protection

Milk Outlet

  • All Stainless Steel Self-Washed Outlets
  • Removable to easily facilitate any future changes
  • Standard 2½” Butterfly Valve
  • Available in many types (RJT,DIN,SMS) and sizes

Chemical Dosing

  • Choice of Detergent Bowl or Auto Dosing
  • Dosing pumps with adjustable flow control
  • ECO wash facility option


  • An Electronic Milk Thermostat controls the milk temperature and agitation functions.
  • This can be connected to audible or visual alarms if required.
  • Deep cool option to maximize use of lower rate electricity charges and ensure milk at required
  • temperature sooner.
  • Manual cooling option in event of thermostat failure.
  • Adaptable to suit robotic milking.

Cooling Units

  • Copeland Scroll Compressors for unbeatable efficiency and reliability.

Evaporator Plates

  • Double Laser Welded to guarantee withstanding high pressures and ensuring lifetime durability.
  • Side by side dual plate arrangement on tanks with two cooling units.


  • Standard SIREM motors. Motors that are made specifically for Milk cooling tanks and are the most widely used make on Milk Tanks  across Europe and beyond.
  • Motors are protected from damage by preventing contact with wash water either by use of Waterproof Gaskets or raised Agitator Mounting Plate.

Cooling Regulation

  • Conventional thermostatic expansion valves to control refrigerant flow and protect the compressor. Located on the rear of tank on top.
  • Compressor(s) on DX tanks with “pump-down” system to protect evaporator plates from possible damage from hot washing.


  • High Density Polyutherane (ECO friendly) foamed insulation up to 200mm thick between the inner and outer vessels creating high rigidity and excellent insulation.
  • Minimum heat loss and reduced running costs.


  • Independent Tank Monitoring & Management System
  • Alerts via SMS, email and phone call
  • Daily Temperature Reports
  • Remote Access Anytime Anywhere
  • And much more...


Milk Cooling

We manufacture a complete range of milk cooling systems for today’s modern dairy farms.

Ice Builders

Instant cooling using off peak power at a low current draw

Milk Silos

Outdoor storage facilities built to the same exacting standards as our milk tank range


Need bespoke fabrication in stainless steel? - We can help...